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Bugatti Galibier Concept

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Bugatti-Galibier-16C-Concept-5Bugatti-Galibier-16C-Concept-4Bugatti-Galibier-16C-Concept-Interior-lgBugatti Galibier Concept four-door sedan which is currently under consideration for a possible series production.The four-door concept features a body is constructed of handmade carbon fibre parts coloured dark blue so that, when illuminated, the woven structure shimmers through strikingly.The wings and doors are out of polished aluminium.The engine 16-cylinder, 8-litre engine with flex-fuel unit and can optional be run on ethanol. Technical highlights include four-wheel drive, specially developed ceramic brakes and a new suspension design enable the agile, always-sure handling of a saloon of this size.Parmigiani, the Swiss maker of fine watches, created the removable Reverso Tourbillon clock for the Bugatti Galibier, which may be worn on the wrist thanks to a leather strap.


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September 25, 2009 at 2:03 pm

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